Project: Vertical Sector Leader: Global Trade & Logistics


Cost: $200,000

Number of colleges participating: 2

Lead: Madeline Grant, Kimberly Mathews, Alejandra Landa, , Santa Ana College

Participating Colleges: Santa Ana College ($36,420) , Rancho Santiago Community College District ($163,580)

Sectors: Global Trade & Logistic

  • Program TOPS Codes: International Business and Trade (050800)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The goal of the Vertical Sector Leader: Global Trade & Logistics is to bring a global perspective to faculty, students, and programs vertically beginning in K-12 to Career. Because GTL is considered one of the most cross-cutting sectors as it touches nearly all industries and job descriptions, a major focus is to build global awareness by creating an environment of exposure and infusion of global content across CTE pathways. To accomplish this goal, the planned projects include development of GTL curriculum that can be used in CTE courses across campuses, adapting GTL curriculum to be used in High School classes and making these tools available on a Faculty Resource HUB, professional development opportunities available for faculty to attend conferences and industry externships, pathway development activities/events for high school and community college students and training and support for students and faculty to prepare for and pass industry recognized certification exams. A regional advisory of industry sector leaders, businesses and employers, education, workforce, and students will champion the cause and focus of this project. This project will rely on the support of Orange County DSNs for Global Trade as well as Small Business and Entrepreneurship who will provide critical connections to business and industry. The OC colleges involved in this project will also work closely with the ProGTL LA/OC Consortia. This collaboration will provide the OC colleges access to the many activities planned by ProGTL including the Career Expo, CoffeeHouse Industry Series, IBEA Faculty Resource Hub, Regional Advisory Committees, etc. These efforts align with the following SWP recommendations: 1. Broaden and enhance career exploration and planning, work-based learning opportunities, and other supports for students. 2. Improve CTE student progress and outcomes. 3. Develop and broadly publicize industry-informed career pathways that prepare students for jobs needed within the regional labor market. 4. Develop regional leadership and operational partnerships among community college, industry, labor, and other workforce and economic development entities to improve the delivery of all CTE efforts. 5. Develop robust connections between community colleges, business and industry representatives, labor and other regional workforce development partners to align college programs with regional and industry needs and provide support for CTE programs.

Status Update

Total Funded: $200,000.00


Madeline Grant
Santa Ana College