Project: Seamless Pathways from Noncredit to Credit


Cost: $350,000

Number of colleges participating: 1

Lead: Nilo Lipiz, , Santa Ana College

Participating Colleges: Santa Ana College ($350,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The Seamless Pathways from Noncredit to Credit Initiative will create a regional resource for collaboration between Orange County’s Adult Education providers and Community Colleges. In an effort for help students complete higher level certificates and degrees, the shared goal will be to significantly enhance, improve and align opportunities for students to seamlessly transition from noncredit to credit Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. The project will create a sustainable management position that is to provide support to the region as a liaison, convener, and collaborator of noncredit to credit opportunities and pathways. The manager will work regionally with Deputy Sector Navigators, Regional Adult Education Block Grant Consortia, community colleges, noncredit providers, Workforce Development Boards, One-Stop Centers, and both noncredit and credit faculty to identify best practices for seamless transition from Adult Education to Community College. This includes: identify new pathway opportunities; oversee the development and/or revision of noncredit curriculum and certificate programs; implement new pathway opportunities and transition processes; promote the pathways to regional high schools, ROP's and workforce partners; and help align any new certificates to potential 3rd party certifications. The Initiative goals include increased transition from noncredit to credit and increased completion of both noncredit and credit state approved certificates, associate degrees, applied bachelor’s degrees, and/or third-party credentials that lead to increased longer-term employment at higher wages. Unemployed or underemployed adults will have opportunities to enter noncredit CTE programs and gain employment skills for entry level work. Once attained, they also will be able to seamlessly transition into higher level certificate and degree options to continue on their career ladder for increased opportunities and higher wages.

Status Update

Total Funded: $350,000.00


Nilo Lipiz
Santa Ana College