Project: Regional Website / Catalog


Cost: $225,000

Number of colleges participating: 4

Lead: , , Coast Community College District

Participating Colleges: Coast Community College District ($100,000) , North Orange County Community College District ($41,666) , Rancho Santiago Community College District ($41,666) , South Orange County Community College District ($41,666)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: Several colleges are either considering the implementation of new course catalog technologies, while several colleges in the LA/OC region are already using CourseLeaf. The proposed project would consolidate and align these efforts in Orange County (and potentially in Los Angeles County). In addition, a shared CourseLeaf-generated web site with information sourced directly from college catalogs can provide much needed information for students on courses, certificates and degrees leading to Career Pathways – data that would be valuable to business, industry and regional partners. CourseLeaf reaches into a college's ERP for course and program information and generates a web-based catalog. Implementing the use of this technology to all the colleges in Orange County would generate a common website displaying a regional program matrix with very high accuracy and automatic annual updates. The technology is flexible enough that it could serve as the foundation for additional uses across the region over time with the input of the colleges. The project would be an opportunity for all four Community College Districts within Orange County to use a common, mutually beneficial database. Students as well as faculty, workforce and economic development organizations and employers from across the entire region would benefit. The proposed project would require the creation of a regional team to support the full adoption of the CourseLeaf system and the SWP funding would supplement the use of General Funds – and create a net saving over the college-by-college or District-by-District implementation. The direct input and involvement of colleges and Districts collaboratively will increase the likelihood of success; reduce the risks associated with siloed adoption; and provide a practical demonstration of the benefits of this cooperation (which can be shared as a best practice across the state). The shared effort will also be a mechanism for convening regional stakeholders around an important – and actionable – issue.

Status Update

Total Funded: $225,000.00