Project: Regional Data Enhancement


Cost: $130,000

Number of colleges participating: 1

Lead: Gustavo Chamorro, , Rancho Santiago CCD

Participating Colleges: Mt. San Antonio College ($130,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The purpose of the Regional Data Enhancement Initiative is to significantly improve access to relevant data including but not limited to LMI and other quantitative and qualitative information from multiple sources, and to expand the capability of analysis of that information specific to Orange County educational and workforce and economic development system. This expansion of the current resources will have an important impact on the ability of regional stakeholders to make timely decisions and plan accurately and efficiently. Regional Data Enhancement will: add personnel and subcontracted research partners to the current LAOCRC as part of a common Data Center; allow the Center of Excellence Director to better identify current and future Skills Gaps, employment trends; uncover opportunities for the alignment of curriculum and planning; provide additional insights and recommendations specifically focused on Orange County and its unique regional workforce and economic development system. The addition of new research capabilities will not only supplement current activities but will extend them through innovative approaches and the inclusion of partners as sources of untapped information. This Regional Data Enhancement Initiative aligns very closely with the Strong Workforce Recommendations in several categories beyond Workforce Data and Outcomes. It will improve regional coordination, provides tools and guidance for the development of new curricula directly responsive to the needs of students, faculty and employers, and even provide information on the best ways to allocate funding to increase the effective use of leveraged resources.

Status Update

Total Funded: $130,000.00


Gustavo Chamorro
Rancho Santiago CCD