Project: Regional Biotechnology Education Partnership


Cost: $282,078

Number of colleges participating: 4

Lead: Corine Doughty ,, Irvine Valley College

Participating Colleges: Irvine Valley College ($35,106) , Fullerton College ($32,773) , Santiago Canyon College ($32,773) , Santa Ana College ($181,426)

Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing; Life Sciences/Biotech

  • Program TOPS Codes: Biotechnology and Biomedical Technology (043000)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The Regional Biotechnology Education Partnership is designed to educate technician-level professionals with the skills required to earn immediate gainful employment in the fields of technology that utilize the science of biology. These biotechnology and biomanufacturing jobs are essential aspects of our nation’s economic and technical competitiveness and are a growing part of Orange County’s Industrial and employer base. The Innovations in Biotechnology Initiative is a truly regional project, with each college responsible for priorities such as: Partnering with high schools to implement and sustain for-credit, dual-enrollment, biotechnology courses; identifying trends in Biotechnology and working with faculty within and across disciplines connecting to this rapidly evolving field; Enhancing the practical experience of high school and college students by offering for-credit, college-level courses – and cooperative work experiences – providing them with the much-needed experience of working in and managing a sustainable student-run enterprise that provides high school teachers with reagents, lab set ups, and lab assistance services; Outfitting high school partner laboratories with the equipment necessary to teach dual enrollment, college level courses on high school campuses, supplemented, wherever possible, by equipment distributed by the SoCal Bio-Link Depot; Growing the existing SoCal Bio-Link Depot to full capacity as a centralized location for the collection of in-kind donations from universities and biomanufacturing firms which will be used by up to 110 Orange County high schools; enhancing the current partnerships between educators, employers, businesses, government and labor and creating new and mutually beneficial collaborations to leverage resources and align efforts

Status Update

Total Funded: $282,078.00


Corine Doughty
Irvine Valley College