Project: LEAP Project


Cost: $969,000

Number of colleges participating: 6

Lead: Randy Morales, , Cerritos College

Participating Colleges: Cerritos College ($469,000) , Compton College ($100,000) , El Camino College ($100,000) , Los Angeles Mission College ($100,000) , Pasadena College ($100,000) , Rio Hondo College ($100,000)

Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing; Retail/Hospitality/Tourism 'Learn and Earn' ; Small Business

  • Program TOPS Codes: Machining and Machine Tools (095630), Engineering Technology, General (requires Trigonometry) (092400), Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (095600), Retail Store Operations and Management (050650), Small Business and Entrepreneurship (050640), Environmental Control Technology (HVAC) (094600), Automotive Collision Repair (094900), Computer Information Systems (070200), Administration of Justice (210500), Automotive Technology (094800), Office Technology/Office Computer Applications (051400), Drafting Technology (095300)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The LEAP project seeks to identify, promote and encourage innovative partnerships between employers, K-12, community colleges and higher education institutions to help today’s ‘working learners’ complete their education while working. The foundation of the Consortium‘s project is to help the Advanced Manufacturing, Retail/Business, and other selected industry sectors as determined by each campus, succeed by building educational/career pathways throughout these industries, and to prepare workers for placement and advancement in high skill and high demand occupations. Cerritos College has worked closely in partnering with Viridis Learning to build a competency-based platform and, in so doing, connects students to meaningful pathways based upon local employer demand. Scope and parameters of the project: Coordination across a college consortium to: (1) Increase number of student CTE courses (by: Creating/Enhancing relevant curriculum to meet workforce demands & creating stacked and latticed models from Certificate to AA/BA) (2) Increase percentage of student completions (as a result of: Building of Education/Career Pathways; Increase number of portable CTE & OER courses; and tracking student progress and retention) (3) Successful workforce outcomes (through: Increased internships & job placement percentage; improved sector-based engagement with employers within the region; and integration of the Viridis Learning platform for student tracking/placement) (4) Collectively market CTE programs to K-12 and employers (by way of: Intervention programs in which K-12 students are engaged with college campuses for educational and academic skill building; school-college course articulation and curriculum development, school presentations and college/career days involving K-12 students, regional colleges, and industry partners; and website development/enhancements).

Status Update

Total Funded: $969,000.00


Randy Morales
Cerritos College