Project: LA Workforce Education Research Center


Cost: $1,245,000

Number of colleges participating: 2

Lead: Marti DeYoung,, Citrus College

Participating Colleges: Citrus College ($660,000) , Mt. San Antonio College ($585,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: Funding this project will regionalize a Workforce Education Research Center (WERC) (Ideally this should be across both LA and Orange counties; however, the center will start with the 19 Los Angeles County regional colleges). The primary objective of WERC is to bridge the gap between county economic/workforce demand data and the workforce supply in order to increase alignment and inform regional workforce education, practice, and policy; the required and preferred occupational competencies necessary for instructional course/program development; the county’s economic growth; and social justice issues that impact students and the workforce. Social justice issues could include educational attainment of populations in sub-regions of the county, wage parity, and negative impacts of sub-regional economic development such as gentrification. The LAWERC (pronounced L.A. Work) will: 1. Research and publish labor market supply and demand data informed by industry sector/cluster analysis, along with the industry specific staffing patterns and human capital supply chains, in relation to workforce education in the region. Industry sector/cluster analysis will be informed by and co-researched with Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and other county workforce stakeholders. 2. Provide research to inform the identification of employers necessary for regional industry advisory groups in order to apprise colleges of necessary occupational skills, workforce education performance objectives, workforce education performance criterion, and potentially inform a regional model curriculum and program design for regional adoption, program development, or program modification. 3. Research and publish regional studies focused on the impact, relationship, correlation, etc. that local, regional, and statewide workforce education and other policies have on educational access, social mobility, socio-economic status, social justice/classism, student success, workplace success/persistence, etc.

Status Update

Total Funded: $1,245,000.00


Marti DeYoung
Citrus College