Project: LA High Tech Bridge and Coding Boot Camp


Cost: $750,000

Number of colleges participating: 10

Lead: Dr. Adriene "Alex" Davis,, LA City College

Participating Colleges: Compton College ($29,450) , East Los Angeles College ($29,450) , Glendale College ($29,450) , Los Angeles City College ($430,980) , Los Angeles Mission College ($29,450) , Pierce College ($29,450) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($29,450) , Los Angeles Valley College ($83,420) , Long Beach City College ($29,450) , West Los Angeles College ($29,450)

Sectors: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital Media

  • Program TOPS Codes: Information Technology, General (070100), Computer Information Systems (070200)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The Bridge to Coding training is comprised of a 12-week session where students are prepared with contextualized information to enter the Coding Boot Camp. Students will be exposed to important aspects of being a new employee that includes: Workplace Success, Shining as a New Employee, Oral and Written Communication for the IT office environment, Workplace Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Diversity, and Interviewing Skills. The 16 week Coding Boot Camp is designed to prepare programmers and coders to transition into job openings in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry. Training in the LA High Tech Bridge & Coding Boot Camp (HTB2C) includes an 8-week (2 days per week) paid internship. Students completing the Bridge to Coding will learn how to: • Communicate effectively in the workplace * Develop excellent internal and external customer services * Satisfy employer expectations * Understand personality assessment and goal-setting * Understand workplace culture * Engage in teamwork and effective collaboration *Build effective workplace habits, interviewing and networking skills • Students completing the Coding Boot Camp will learn how to: * Develop web applications using a web full stack programming environment* Design, implement, and test web applications * Design web user interfaces using HTML, * CSS, and JavaScript * Use web services to transfer data and add interactive components to web pages.

Status Update

Total Funded: $750,000.00


Dr. Adriene "Alex" Davis
LA City College