Project: LA-19 SMC: California Cloud Computing (19-20); LA Cloud Computing (17-18, 18-19)


Round 1
Round 2 Year 1
Round 2 Year 2
Round 2 Year 3
Round 2 Year 4
Lead: Salomon Davila, , Santa Monica College

Brief Narrative:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with Santa Monica College (SMC) to establish an industry aligned certificate in cloud computing with the main purpose of Round 2 funding going to planning and stakeholder engagement to establish a regional program and presence. For Round 3 the regional project is seeking to transition to build out career pathways with high school and job preparedness. Round 3 will expand work based learning for cloud technologies, and job preparedness such as work based learning and certification preparation as colleges take their initial certificate to a full associate degree. Along with a customer management strategic platform, the expansion of the regional project is about systems of on-boarding and off-boarding to all of our college’s cloud programs. The coordination by SMC will continue to convene and provide technical assistance in career pathway development as well as industry engagement with the assistance of AWS and educational consultants. Partner colleges will expand their high school partnerships to include cloud computing technology while partaking in regional industry certificate preparation and regional strategic communications.


Salomon Davila