Project: LA-19 LAHC: Business Engagement Job Placement (19-20); Internship / Job Placement Specialist (17-18)


Round 1
Round 2 Year 1
Round 2 Year 2
Round 2 Year 3
Lead: Priscilla Lopez, , LA Harbor

Brief Narrative:

This Project aims to establish a consistent process for how employers work with the colleges throughout the LA region and how students access job/internship placement services. Outcomes for the project include:

  1. Funding Job Placement Specialists at all 18 LA colleges.
  2. Be a primary conduit for the dissemination of regional data and reports from the Center for Competitive Workforce at the 18 regional colleges. Work with campus faculty to ensure information is disseminated to program faculty.
  3. Assist in enrollment management and the promotion of newly adopted work readiness curriculum to students across the campuses to ensure job placement activities coincide with major events across the region.
  4. Implement webbased technology that can be used by all colleges for 1) Data collection and posting of job/internship opportunities, 2) Tracking and supporting students/alumni in order to monitor employment outcomes.
  5. Explore private/ public partnerships with job placement agencies to maximize job placements for campuses.
  6. Establishing the Job Placement Specialists as the central point of contact for WIOA partnerships.


Priscilla Lopez