Project: HVAC/R Collaborative


Cost: $749,997

Number of colleges participating: 5

Lead: Jemma Blake-Judd, Dean and Lanny Richardson, HVACR faculty,, Mt. San Antonio College

Participating Colleges: Citrus College ($142,867) , Compton College ($142,867) , El Camino College ($142,867) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($142,867) , Mt. San Antonio College ($178,529)

Sectors: Energy, Construction & Utilities; Clean Energy (Prop 39 related)

  • Program TOPS Codes: Environmental Control Technology (HVAC) (094600), Energy Systems Technology (094610), Construction Crafts Technology (095200),
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments, Number of Students Who Got a Degree or Certificate

Brief Narrative: The HVAC/R collaborative has been very successful in bringing together colleges across regions in efforts to align curriculum and foster articulation. It should be enabled to continue to grow stronger in efforts to meet the new challenges of our industry such as ZNE ( Zero Net Energy). Community College CTE courses have a responsibility to meet industry demands. The state of California has set forth a stronger initiative with Zero Net Energy (ZNE) in the Residential sector by 2020 and the Commercial sector by 2030 for all new construction. Installers, Technicians, and Operator/Managers will need to employ technical skills that will be a result of these initiatives. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has identified the types of skills required such as Energy Analyst/Auditor, Commissioning Specialist/Agents that would impact our sector. Incumbent workers will need to upskill for evolving technology, alternative energy mediums, and sustainability practices. Labor Market Data, from CoE, indicates an annual job market demand of 576 persons annually in LA,OC,Inland Empire and Desert Sub Regions. This constitutes a 10% increase in LA County and 15% increase in Orange County. This new labor force will also be impacted by the same challenges as listed for the incumbent worker above. The purpose and scope of this project is to provide the facility and technology, which can be utilized across the region, as well as showcase and research the energy and sustainability of ZNE. The ZNE workforce has not been specifically defined yet, and it will be a mission of this project to aid in doing so.

Status Update

Total Funded: $749,997.00


Jemma Blake-Judd
Mt. San Antonio College