Project: Health Sector Career Pathways Project: A Regional Career Pathway Approach


Cost: $1,410,000

Number of colleges participating: 7

Lead: Shari Herzfeld,, Rio Hondo College

Participating Colleges: Cerritos College ($65,500) , Citrus College ($65,500) , El Camino College ($131,000) , Glendale College ($65,500) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($310,000) , Rio Hondo College ($459,675) , Santa Monica College ($312,825)

Sectors: Health

  • Program TOPS Codes: Nursing (123000), Respiratory Care/Therapy (121000), Health Occupations/General (120100)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: This project is designed to provide a regionally coordinated career pathway approach to curriculum and program development in the health sector, a sector that has been identified by LAEDC and the LA Area Chamber of Commerce as one of top priority sectors for the region as it relates to demand. The specific programs selected are vetted by industry as high demand occupations with current and projected openings and will serve both students and job seekers. Additional jobs or occupations will be added based on health sector industry and employer input and industry engagement. The project addresses a range of workforce needs along the career pathway continuum, which ranges from career pathway exploration and preparation for entry level positions to post-degree training for RNs to meet workforce shortages. The project will include full program development, career pathway development (K- 16), curriculum development and alignment, work-based learning, employer engagement, outreach and recruitment, equipment and professional development. This includes finalizing innovations in core/foundation curriculum/certification, the alignment, enhancement and/or development of health occupations specifically in Respiratory Therapy and Radiologic Tech/Sonography (others can be added based on industry partner needs), and curriculum development for a number of Specialty RN jobs, programs that can be implemented in college, mid-level career training and post-licensure specialization.

Status Update

Total Funded: $1,410,000.00

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Shari Herzfeld
Rio Hondo College