Project: Graphic Design and UX 2 + 2 Pathways


Cost: $320,000

Number of colleges participating: 1

Lead: Patricia Ramos,, Santa Monica College

Participating Colleges: Santa Monica College ($320,000)

Sectors: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital Media

  • Program TOPS Codes: Digital Media (061400), Computer Graphics and Digital Imagery (061460)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: SMC is offering one of 15 high quality, affordable, and in demand bachelor degrees in the California Community College system. The bachelor degree in Interaction Design (also referred to as IxD and User Experience Design) provides important and accessible opportunities for students to continue their education and advance in their careers in the high-demand ICT sector. User Experience is fundamentally about the relationship between people and technology. It’s about identifying and designing for that relationship. As the amount of technology and digital disruption in the world increases, such as with Wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) this disruption will increase. The social Web has already disrupted marketing to an incredible degree. What used to be primarily a discipline in managing returns on broadcast media expenditure has evolved to become a discipline of managing conversations and contributing to global communities. The interdisciplinary nature of these occupations requires traditional departments and disciplines to work together to best prepare students with evolving skills needed across occupations such as software development, gaming, virtual reality, design and digital marketing that have become a booming sector in Los Angeles. This consortia will bring together faculty across these disciplines and across area colleges with relevant programming. SMC will partner with PCC and GCC to develop programming that aligns with SMC’s AS degree to prepare students to enter SMC BS degree in junior standing (completions of 60 units) from their Graphic Design, Computer Science, Game design program (or related field). Further, the new program development in Digital Marketing (Facebook) will align with the IxD degree. This IxD consortia seeks to focus on human capital development that is needed in Los Angeles and create meaningful partnerships that unify the educational, business and community stakeholders in support of preparing students for employment in digital workforce.

Status Update

Total Funded: $320,000.00


Patricia Ramos
Santa Monica College