Project: Global Trade and Logistics Regional Consortia and Digital Badging


Cost: $808,842

Number of colleges participating: 5

Lead: Rick Hodge,, LA Southwest College

Participating Colleges: Glendale College ($41,000) , Los Angeles Harbor College ($200,000) , Los Angeles Southwest College ($310,342) , Long Beach City College ($182,500) , Santa Monica College ($75,000)

Sectors: Global Trade & Logistics; Small Business

  • Program TOPS Codes: Logistics and Materials Transportation (051000)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The goal of the GTL Regional project of two large counties (LA & Orange), 10 colleges, 1 AJCC, 4 DSNs, a regional advisory of 16 large and small business (LA Ports, LA World Airport, UPS, Tesla), and DSNs from Global Trade & Entrepreneurship is to transform student experiences in program, projects, and job opportunities. The colleges include, LA Southwest, LA Harbor, Santa Monica, Santa Ana, West LA, Mt. SAC, Pasadena, Glendale, LA Mission, Long Beach and Compton. The AJCC is at Willshire/Compton in LA and the DSNs represent Los Angeles and Orange County in Global Trade & Logistics and Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Planned projects include, GTL Curriculum Development & Articulation of sequenced curriculum of Industry-Themed Pathways. A GTL Career EXPO will bring professionals, employers, ports, commerce, students, workforce groups, and colleges together for career and job opportunities for students. A Regional Advisory of industry sector leaders, businesses and employers, education, workforce, and students will champion the cause and focus of work-based learning, internships, and jobs for our students (high school and college). We will host a CoffeeHouse Industry Series of mini-workshops that rotate to each of our campuses every other month throughout the year and an Industry Spotlight Series as student information sessions with outreach to academies, linked learning schools and college international business, general business and entrepreneur majors. We will continue with the IBEA program & website for regional Global / International Business information, programs. The LA County WIB Transportation and Logistics Intermediary Project will continue to convene businesses and educators to access needs, training capacity, and gaps, and make recommendations on training investments and program priorities. The support of 4 DSNs in the region of Global Trade and Entrepreneurship/Small Business will provide critical connections to business and industry. A new regional effort spearheaded by the Los Angeles GTL DSN at Long Beach on a Digital Badging project will codify student skill development and industry. Flexible Internship Training program (FIT)+ E-Portfolios will be developed for students/workers.

Status Update

Total Funded: $808,842.00


Rick Hodge
LA Southwest College