Project: Energy Construction and Utilities: The Los Angeles Regional Workforce Plan


Cost: $826,000

Number of colleges participating: 8

Lead: Dr. Marcia Wilson,, LA Trade-Tech College

Participating Colleges: Citrus College ($65,000) , Compton College ($65,000) , El Camino College ($65,000) , Glendale College ($65,000) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($374,260) , Pasadena College ($67,700) , Santa Monica College ($59,040) , West Los Angeles College ($65,000)

Sectors: Energy, Construction & Utilities; Clean Energy (Prop 39 related)

  • Program TOPS Codes: Construction Crafts Technology (095200), Environmental Control Technology (HVAC) (094600), Electronics and Electric Technology (093400), Energy Systems Technology (094610), Construction Inspection (095720), Welding Technology (095650), Engineering Technology, General (requires Trigonometry) (092400), Civil and Construction Management Technology (095700), Water and Wastewater Technology (095800), Public Works (210210), Other Business and Management (059900)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments, Number of Students Who Got a Degree or Certificate

Brief Narrative: In order to best meet the needs of the Energy, Construction and Utilities sector, community colleges, industry and economic development partners in LA need to work together to develop a regional workforce plan. The project is Year One of a multi-year plan that will address the needs of the regional economy in this sector. The plan includes industry engagement, regional advisories, curriculum enrichment/enhancement, updated equipment, professional development, career awareness and pathway development, and new and incumbent worker training.

Status Update

Total Funded: $826,000.00


Dr. Marcia Wilson
LA Trade-Tech College