Project: Energy and Sustainability


Cost: $500,000

Number of colleges participating: 7

Lead: Lanny Richards, Corine Doughty,, Irvine Valley College

Participating Colleges: Coastline Community College ($70,000) , Cypress College ($50,000) , Fullerton College ($34,600) , Irvine Valley College ($205,400) , Orange Coast College ($80,000) , Saddleback College ($35,000) , Santiago Canyon College ($25,000)

Sectors: Energy, Construction & Utilities

  • Program TOPS Codes: Other Engineering and Related Industrial Technologies (099900), Electrical Systems and Power Transmission (093440), Energy Systems Technology (094610), Electrical (095220)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The project is Year One of a multi-year plan that will address the needs of the regional economy in this sector. The plan includes industry engagement, regional advisories, curriculum enrichment/enhancement, updated equipment, professional development, career awareness and pathway development, and new and incumbent worker training. According to the AEE-Advanced Energy Economy, nationwide an estimated additional 57,000 skilled workers are needed each year to work in the Energy Efficiency industry. California's Advanced Energy industry needs highly skilled workers­15,000 more of them every year. The Doing What Matters Energy Construction &Utilities sector team and regional ECU Deputy Sector Navigators are fostering opportunities for regional collaboration that unify initiatives to build a fully qualified workforce to meet the region's and California's energy efficiency mandates, with the goal of unlocking economic growth through investment in energy efficiency education and skills building programs.

Status Update

Total Funded: $500,000.00


Corine Doughty
Irvine Valley College