Project: CTE Readiness/Non-Credit Boot Camps


Cost: $265,000

Number of colleges participating: 14

Lead: Madelyn Arballo,, Mt. San Antonio College

Participating Colleges: Cerritos College ($6,000) , Citrus College ($6,000) , Compton College ($6,000) , Glendale College ($6,000) , Los Angeles City College ($6,000) , Los Angeles Harbor College ($6,000) , Los Angeles Mission College ($6,000) , Pierce College ($6,000) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($6,000) , Long Beach City College ($6,000) , Mt. San Antonio College ($187,000) , Pasadena College ($6,000) , Rio Hondo College ($6,000) , West Los Angeles College ($6,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: N/A

Brief Narrative: The LAOCRC Regional Plan outcomes can be strengthened with the development of contextualized short-term noncredit bootcamps to better prepare students to enter college and be successful in credit CTE coursework. Examples of contextualized noncredit bootcamps are Math for Health Careers, Vocational ESL, and preparation for college placement exams. The project seeks to include participation from regional noncredit faculty for the development of contextualized noncredit curriculum. There is also the potential to increase WIOA and Adult Education Block Grant outcomes by improving post-secondary transitions, employment, and certifications.

Status Update

Total Funded: $265,000.00


Madelyn Arballo
Mt. San Antonio College