Project: CTE Instructor Professional Development


Cost: $200,000

Number of colleges participating: 2

Lead: John Jaramillo, , Saddleback College

Participating Colleges: Saddleback College ($155,000) , Rancho Santiago Community College District ($45,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: The purpose of CTE Professional Development and Mentoring project is to develop, promote and implement a regional CTE faculty development program including expanded and innovative continuing education, professional development and mentorship. The impact of enhancing faculty skills, knowledge and abilities through both training and peer-to-peer mentoring and support will have far-reaching impact including improved instruction, student retention, completion and success but – as importantly for CTE students in particular – improved skills and the likelihood of employment.

Status Update

Total Funded: $200,000.00


John Jaramillo
Saddleback College