Project: Career Pathways Specialist


Cost: $2,540,000

Number of colleges participating: 19

Lead: Layla Eddington, , Rio Hondo College

Participating Colleges: Cerritos College ($120,000) , Citrus College ($120,000) , Compton College ($120,000) , East Los Angeles College ($120,000) , El Camino College ($120,000) , Glendale College ($120,000) , Los Angeles City College ($120,000) , Los Angeles Harbor College ($120,000) , Los Angeles Mission College ($120,000) , Pierce College ($120,000) , Los Angeles Southwest College ($120,000) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($120,000) , Los Angeles Valley College ($120,000) , Long Beach City College ($120,000) , Mt. San Antonio College ($120,000) , Pasadena College ($120,000) , Rio Hondo College ($380,000) , Santa Monica College ($120,000) , West Los Angeles College ($120,000)

Sectors: All Sectors

  • Program TOPS Codes: N/A
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative: Implementation of Career Pathways is a major focus of the Strong Workforce Recommendations. This project would provide technical assistance and staffing that would continue the work of the SB 1070 Career Pathways Grant. The current grant sunsets June 2017, but funding is needed for the 2017-18 Academic Year. Focus will be on 1. Implementation of Alternative Methods for Granting Credit from High School and/or Adult Education; 2. Implementation of CATEMA to track credit granting from high school/adult education; 3. Implementation of Dual Enrollment Courses that focus on identified Career Pathways. The Career Specialist will be the point of contact for articulation, dual enrollment and development of career pathways between the community colleges and High School/Adult School. Funding will provide for: 10-month employee at each of the 19 colleges, Project Director Contract, Project Coordinator (part time), Clerical Support, Web Hosting for with link to, Staff Development for Counselors at High Schools, Adult Schools, & Community Colleges, and Meeting Expenses

Status Update

Total Funded: $2,540,000.00