Project: BioScience Collaborative


Cost: $750,000

Number of colleges participating: 7

Lead: Rocky J. Cifone, Wendy Johnston ,, Pasadena Area Community College District

Participating Colleges: Citrus College ($149,879) , East Los Angeles College ($50,000) , Los Angeles Mission College ($75,000) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($200,000) , Pasadena College ($125,121) , Rio Hondo College ($50,000) , West Los Angeles College ($100,000)

Sectors: Life Sciences/Biotech

  • Program TOPS Codes: Biotechnology and Biomedical Technology (043000), Chemical Technology (095400)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments, Number of Students Who Got a Degree or Certificate

Brief Narrative: This was a collaboration of LA County Colleges electing to use CTE-Enhanced Funding for starting or augmenting a training program for biotech laboratory skills. Ideas were proposed and decisions were made on lab space, curriculum, career pathways and dual enrollment, advisory boards, marketing, alignment with new BS programs, internships, third-party credentials, employability milestones and industry alignment. Project Objectives: #1 Increase training capacity at all collaborating colleges. #2 Create work-based learning and dual enrollment opportunities that will allow high school students and basic skills learners to choose a career in biosciences knowledgeably. #3 Facilitate the development of programs with industry-aligned curriculum using the experience of and shared curriculum from consortium faculty. #4 Market the opportunity of the bioscience consortium programs. #5 Align curriculum with BS Bio-manufacturing degrees (Solano, Mira Costa).

Status Update

Total Funded: $750,000.00