Project: Advanced Transportation Regional Workforce Collaborative


Cost: $620,000

Number of colleges participating: 5

Lead: Dr. Marcia Wilson,, Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Participating Colleges: Compton College ($100,000) , East Los Angeles College ($100,000) , Los Angeles Harbor College ($110,000) , Pierce College ($100,000) , Los Angeles Trade Technical College ($210,000)

Sectors: Advanced Transportation & Renewables

  • Program TOPS Codes: Automotive Technology (094800), Diesel Technology (094700), Railroad and Light Rail Operations (094740), Logistics and Materials Transportation (051000)
  • Metrics: Number of Enrollments

Brief Narrative:

The Transportation Workforce Institute (TWI) at LATTC aims to ensure a well-trained and diverse, transportation workforce. TWI’s reach is national–constructing and disseminating model, sharable, curriculum and workforce development resources based on national industry standards and, certification. TWI’s impact is regional–leading industry, education and workforce development and partners in creating programs and services that meet immediate and long-term employer needs, while connecting diverse communities and citizens through transportation projects and workforce, development efforts. Our work is shaped by three inter-connected strategies: (1) contribute to a systemic approach to workforce development in the U.S. transportation industry (2) enable agile, and interlinked responses to regional employer demands, and (3) revitalize communities and connect citizens through transportation initiatives and activities. LA Trade-Tech will coordinate the work related to the advanced transportation occupations (related to diesel, rail, automotive, etc.), and LA Harbor College will coordinate the work related to the warehousing and logistics occupations (related to jobs at the ports, trade and logistics).

Status Update

Total Funded: $620,000.00


Dr. Marcia Wilson
LA Trade-Tech College