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LA Counselor Conference 2020

The Fully Online LA Counselor Conference 2020 was held April 23, 2020. An amazing group of professionals came together via Zoom to share ideas and best practices. Thank you to all who planned, attended, and presented at the conference!

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General Information

Introductory slides, speaker bios, and the day's agenda for the LA Counselor Conference 2020.

Tips from the Experts:
Effective Practices for Online Counseling

A facilitated discussion with Dr. Kevin Fleming and online counselors Mia Hardy (K12), Tiffany Studer (K12), and Bonnie Peters (community college). Join the experts for a conversation about how to provide effective college and career counseling in a completely virtual environment.

Let Go, Learn Fast,
and Thrive in the Future of Work

Los Angeles Regional Directors of Employer Engagement bring expertise in the industry sectors that offer the most opportunity in the region. Join our panelists for a discussion of college and career readiness and success for students.

Breakout Session A:
LA County Labor Market Data

Helping high school counselors understand what labor market information is, regional workforce needs, and how occupational guidance is critical to improving student outcomes. Learn about in-demand and high-paying occupations, related community college programs, and priority industry sectors.

Breakout Session B:
A Systematic Approach to K-14 Career Pathways

Utilizing Strong Workforce funding, the LA County Community Colleges have developed a model program for aligning K-12 Career Technical Education with Career Pathways at the Community Colleges to ensure college access for all students. A Career Pathways Specialist facilitates articulation and dual enrollment between credit and non credit courses.

Breakout Session C:
Keeping Students on the Path

With uncertain times, it is more important than ever to look to structures that aim to elevate equity. Guided Pathways can serve as the vehicle for working collaboratively to support students staying on and progressing through a clear path to completion leading to the workforce, and or continuing education. In this session, we will review the major tenets of Guided Pathways, examine the value of this work given the current context, and provide space for discussing our role in supporting student success within the Guided Pathways framework.