Our vision is to create a culture of completion, transfer, and a career-ready workforce among our students, through the lens of the enhanced mission of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO), the Vision for Success; by connecting our member community colleges to collaborative opportunities with ecosystem partners that include, but not limited to, K12 and four-year college and university partners, business and industry partners, and other stakeholders in the workforce development community of practitioners. In response to our CCCCO Vision for Success, the Los Angeles and Orange County Regional Consortium (LAOCRC) supports local and regional decision makers with an increased capacity to measure regional progress toward goals of efficiency and effectiveness, while also improving their access to indicators that measure student/incumbent worker progress through the educational system.  


The LAOCRC is supported and sponsored by the Carl D. Perkins 1B grant, whose purpose is to connect individuals and align programs and curriculum to the needs of business and industry.  Our mission is to benefit the local economy by engaging, leveraging, and advancing special projects that better prepare students for employment in business and industry. 

The LAOCRC welcomes business, non-profits, unions, government agencies and industry leaders to provide current market data and insight to improve decision-making and responsiveness of our educational institutions to reflect changing market and technological trends. The LAOCRC serves as a communication platform to and from the region for the CCCCO Workforce and Economic Development Division (WEDD); a clearinghouse for the development and recommendation of new career education program certificates and associate degrees and, in some cases bachelor degrees; and provides professional development and in-service training to member college career education stakeholders. 

The LAOCRC convenes the region in monthly meetings, with the exception of July and August summer months, to facilitate business meetings for College Resource Leadership Council members and alternates to take action on new career education programs and discuss other business items, as well as collaborative meetings to host partners and provide updates from key talent stakeholders as well as communications from the WEDD at the CCCCO. Sub-regional meetings are hosted in-region and supported by the LAOCRC team. 

Additionally, the LAOCRC is operated based on a governance structure model and its Governance Council is comprised of the 15 district leaders who are convened in quarterly business meetings to help guide the region's career education goals and codify decisions on Strong Workforce Program investments.

“Moving the Needle” Key Activities

The regional consortium will benefit the local economy by engaging, leveraging, and advancing special projects that better prepare students for employment in business and industry.




Using Technology & Innovation:

To increase efficiencies, technology will be used to enhance communication and improve productivity.

Opportunities for Involvement

General Information

Key Contacts

  1. LAOCRC Executive Director- Dr. Alex Davis
  2. LAOCRC - OC Director- Dr. Gustavo Chamorro
  3. LAOCRC - LA Director-  Dr. Audrey Childers

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