Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of current funding opportunities with any related documents, PowerPoints, links, etc.

Apprenticeship Funding

CCCCO Apprenticeship RFA's

Career Technical Education Enhancement Funds (CTE EF)

Promotional video to highlight the work undertaken in California within the educational sector.

Quarterly Reporting Documents

September 2015

Quick Links

CTE EF 40% Regioal Share Calculations

CTE EF Blog for 40% Regional Share

LAOCRC Projected Timeline 10.8.14.JPG

LAOCRC Allocations Pic..JPG
Allocations (updated 10.2.14)


CTE EF Initial App. Data Pic..JPG

LAOCRC took a look at the Career Technical Educaion Enhancement Funds (CTE EF) initial applications that were submitted by all LAOCRC colleges on October 17, 2014.  The data was then organized in four ways.  Please click on the PDF below to view this data:

  1. Priority & Emerging Sectors with Interest Status
  2. TOP Code with Collaboration Status
  3. SOC Codes with Interest Status
  4. Collaboration Status