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Program Discussion #93: LASC / Teacher's Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Sep 11, 2014 08:17:41 AM by Website Robot

Welcome to the discussion for program #93: LASC / Teacher's Assistant Certificate of Achievement

Sep 12, 2014 11:33:46 AM by jlancaster

The application speaks about the “critical need” for teacher assistants prepared to teach English learners and special education students. However, there doesn’t seem to be an emphasis on those areas in the program requirements. The data you provided doesn’t mention wages. Average TA wages are below working poor. Does this program stack under another certificate/degree/transfer opportunity?

Sep 14, 2014 07:55:14 AM by hodgerl

The areas related to special education and EL students would be covered in the curriculum for EDUC 203, as noted the the scope and sequence in the course outline of record:

. Equality of educational opportunity a. conflicting demands of equity and excellence b. diversity and inequality in schools and society c. access to schools and access to knowledge in a multiracial/multicultural society d. four hours of classroom observation: diversity of student learning styles

  1. Issues in urban education a. political, economic and demographic changes and diversity b. students at risk: access, retention and attainment c. teacher and student concerns in urban schools d. four hours classroom observation: strategies for improving retention and student success

  2. Introduction to curriculum and instruction a. survey of multicultural curriculum b. survey of instructional strategies for diverse learners c. four hours classroom observation: relevance of curriculum for urban students

Also, one of my assignments in EDUC 01 is to create a lesson plan, and students have to make modifications for diverse learners (GATE, SPED, EL), so we do cover the needs of those populations in that course, as well. I attached a sample to illustrate.

With regards to wages, Bureau of Labor and Statistics has the median wage (2012) as $23, 640 annually.


And we are currently working on an AA-T degree in Education. Most of the courses have been approved. Just waiting for EDUC 207 and EDUC 208 which are listed in the Course Outline on the LACCD website with the note "this is a future version", as we are waiting for district approval.

Sep 15, 2014 11:07:35 PM by jlancaster

I believe this application still needs to shore up its LMI. While this application has included National data it has not included regional, county, or local data. There may indeed be a significant national effect driving growth but there could also be a negative competitive effect in the region or an over abundance of completers that "moves the needle" in the opposite direction, particularly with ROPs and Adult Schools that may offer similar programming. I believe regional LMI should be the primary focus in an application coming to this group.

Oct 2, 2014 06:55:01 AM by hodgerl

Here is the Labor Market Info I found that should address the concern:


The information from the above link is summarized below:

LA County (County Data) Occupational Projections of Employment (also called "Outlook" or "Demand") [Top] Area: LA County Estimated Year-Projected Year 2010-2020

         Employment                                                             Employment Change    Annual Avg Openings

Estimated Projected Number Percent 38,680 43,000 4,320 11.2 1,304

I also did a search of TA positions based on our 90047 (Local data) zip code, and got the following 8 positions:


Here is the description for an education course offered in the 2013-2014 ROP Catalog:

Careers in Education This course trains students to work with teachers and students at the elementary, middle and/ or high school levels. The class will develop instructional strategies through lesson plan organization and assessment and apply them to improve student achievement. The program includes both classroom instruction and on-thejob training in public and private facilities.