Program Recommendation

The program recommendation process outlined by the California Community College Chancellor's Office requires that all requests to add new programs or certificates and/or to make substantial changes to any existing college's inventory of Career Technical Education (CTE) programs require a recommendation from the Regional Consortia. This recommendation entails completing the three page Program Approval Application and submitting the application for review by the posted deadline.  The 27 Voting Members will then review the application and either approve the program or ask that the program be pulled for discussion.  If a program receives a minimum of one request for discussion, the submitting college will be asked to attend the consortia meeting prepared to discuss and answer questions about their program application. address their Once the discussion is complete program after which another vote will be taken.  To be considered approved at that time, the submission must receive a minimum of 14 votes to approve and no request for further discussion.

Program Intents can also be submitted by the posted deadline.  These are short single page forms that alert the consortia colleges of a desire to submit in the future a program for approval. Once submitted, these Intents are valid for one year.

NOTE: Clicking on the buttons to the right will take you to specific parts of the program approval process.  If you have any questions, please contact the consortia either by phone at 714-480-7564 or by email to

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