Deputy Sector Navigators

Roles and Responsibilities

The priority and emerging sectors were selected by the regional consortia last year (2018) for a five year cycle.


The Deputy Sector Navigator Responsibilities:

  1.  Implement the “Doing What Matters” framework for your sector
  2. Develop partnerships with Business and Industry
  3. Co-Chair the sector “Marketplace Committee”
  4. Identify a Business/Industry partner to Co-Chair the “Marketplace Committee”
  5. Work closely with the Technical Assistance Providers
  6. Collaborate and coordinate articulation agreements with ROPC’s, high schools
  7. Form a regional advisory committee
  8. Strategize on regional funding prioritize based on the needs of Business and Industry

DIRECTIONS: To view sector profiles for the Priority and Emerging Industy Sectors, click on the industy you want to learn more about.


Deputy Sector Navigator Roster- click here

Sector Navigator Roster- click here